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George Clooney Reveals His Baby Name Suggestions

But wife Amal doesn’t approve

George Clooney is preparing for fatherhood – swaddling and all – and he has revealed he and wife Amal are currently trying to decide on names for their twins.

But it seems Amal is standing strong on what she *doesn’t* want to call them.

“My wife says I can’t name them Casa and Amigos. That’s the one thing I’m not allowed to do,” said the 55-year-old first-time father.

“It was just a thought. I mean, you know, it’s a family business,” he added. 

The Money Monster star said his human rights lawyer wife, who is reportedly due this summer (Northern Hemisphere summer that is), is “doing really great” with the pregnancy.

“She is amazing. I don’t have anything to do. There is nothing I can do to help, but make tea and stuff,” he said.

But one thing he can do when the bubs arrive, and seems pretty confident in: “I know swaddling,” he said. “I know what I’m in for.”

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