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Get Excited! A New Cadbury Crème Egg Flavour Has Just Landed

Prepare yourselves…

Just as we tell ourselves we’re going to be good after all that eating and drinking we did over Christmas and New Years, Cadbury goes and does this to us.


Prepare yourselves people, it’s: Oreo.


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The egg will be the same delicious thick chocolatey shell that the Crème Egg is renowned for, but inside it will be full of oozy Oreo crème and biscuit filling.


“Cadbury Oreo Easter eggs are ideal for Cadbury Oreo chocolate lovers who can now treat themselves in the lead-up to Easter,” reads a statement from Cadbury.


“While they share a similar eating occasion, that’s where the similarities end. Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Oreo Easter eggs are two very different tasting eggs.”

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Jury is out on whether this will be better than the original, we guess we’ll just have to try them and find out…

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