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It’s A Christmas Miracle: You Can Now Buy Gin Baubles

Gin-gle bells

If you find putting up the Christmas tree to be a stressful, hair-pulling exercise, here’s something that might help spread the Christmas cheer a little this year.

The legends at The Lakes Distillery have created a set of shiny glass baubles that are filled with gin. It’s a Christmas miracle! 

The gorgeous ornaments are hand-filled with 50mls of gin, and you can buy just one or a set of six, The Sun reports.  

If you go big and pick the set of six, you’ll find two baubles with The Lakes Gin, two with sloe gin (think hints of raspberry jam, cinnamon and orange) and two with The Lakes Damson Gin.

And if you prefer a different poison, The Lakes Distillery also offers whisky and vodka versions.

You can see the full variety at The Lakes Distillery. 

Gin-gle bells indeed!

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