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Brad Pitt Spotted Partying At Glastonbury Festival

Alongside Johnny Depp and Bradly Cooper

This year, it seems Glastonbury Festival was the place for celebrity dads to let their hair down. 

Brad Pitt, who has been avoiding public appearances since his incredibly messy, public split with Angelina Jolie, was spotted by punters having a great time with his mate Bradly Cooper.

Cooper, whose first child with supermodel Irina Shayk was born just two months ago, photobombed photos fans took with Pitt while watching artists from side of stage. 

Many were shocked to see photos of a very drunk looking Pitt emerging all over Twitter, as the actor said just two months ago in a GQ interview that he had given up drinking to “become a better man” in the wake of his divorce. 

One photo, captioned “Brad Pitt is looking abit smashed at Glastonbury” seems to have been removed from social media altogether. 

Then there’s Johnny Depp, who has been accused of domestic violence by ex-wife Amber Heard, performing on stage at the festival. 

And smoking a ciggie on the bonnet of a car. Because brooding musician. 

As well as these actors, who clearly had nothing better to do (read: left the divorce, domestic violence allegations and newborn babies at home), other celebs such as Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller also spent the weekend at the festival.

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