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Guess who’s joining the cast of The Crown?

Prepare to swoon.

Would you like the good news, or the great news?

The good news: Netflix period drama The Crown is returning for a second season. We know.

The great news: total dreamboat Matthew Goode is joining the cast.

The British actor, best known for (spoiler alert) finally winning over Lady Mary as debonair racecar driver Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey, not to mention his equally suave work in The Good Wife, will take on the role of Lord Snowdon, Radio Times reports.

Lord Snowdon, who passed away on January 13 this year at the age of 86, was a society photographer and filmmaker who married Princess Margaret in 1960.

The couple divorced after sixteen years of marriage in 1978, amid swirling rumours of affairs and various scandals.

Season two of The Crown is currently filming. In the meantime, another gratuitous photo of Matthew Goode:

You’re welcome.

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