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Harvey Weinstein’s “Creepy” Obsession With Michelle Williams Revealed

It’s alleged he would suddenly show up for all her nude scenes

The allegations just keep coming against disgraced Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – this time, involving his “creepy, stalkerish” obsession with Michelle Williams.

In last night’s ABC Four Corners episode, Working With Weinstein, former Weinstein Company producer David Parfitt alleged Weinstein used to turn up unannounced during Michelle Williams’ nude scenes during filming for My Week With Marilyn in 2011. reports that Parfitt was taken aback by Weinstein’s level of interest in the film. “We were quite surprised at the amount of attention we got from Harvey on the film,” he says, adding, “I hadn’t seen this before.”

“He was turning up on a regular basis on set, desperate to be around Michelle as far as we could see, in a sort of creepy, stalkerish way,” Parfitt says. “In particular, turning up on a day when we had nude swimming.”

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Weinstein has denied all the allegations in the Four Corners episode, which featured multiple former staff.

Michelle Williams has spoken out about sexual harassment in Hollywood since the Harvey Weinstein scandal first broke, telling People in December, “I feel like there’s a chance for change and that’s exciting I’m going to be a part of it. I felt a difference even on the set I am working on now.”

“It’s different. Everyone’s more professional. It’s pretty cool.”

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