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Holly Valance Named in $212 Million Lawsuit

The former Neighbours star has been pulled into her husband's legal battle

Aussie soap star Holly Valance has found herself in the middle of a $213m lawsuit filed against billionaire husband, Nick Candy and his brother, Christian.

Mark and Emma Holyoake are suing the brothers for £132 million (approximately AU$212 million) after a dispute over a £12 million (AU$19 million) loan.

The property tycoon brothers, believed to be worth around £1.5 billion (AU$2.4 billion), are being sued by the couple for alleged intimidation, extortion and blackmail, reports The Sydney Morning Herald

In her witness statement, as seen by Business Insider, Ms Holyoake alleges that Christian Candy threatened to cause so much pressure that it would cause her to have “another miscarriage”. 

Mark informed me that Christian had repeatedly threatened him saying such things as he would destroy him and his family, he would ‘nuclear bomb his entire world’ and would ‘f*** him up’ in any way possible if he did not do exactly what was asked of him.

[Mark Holyoake] told me that Christian had made various threats, but the one that I remember him telling me about is that Christian would put us under so much pressure as a family that I would have another miscarriage.

Christian Candy. Photo: Getty Images

During her witness statement she also alluded to the frosty relationship between Nick’s wife, former Neighbours star Holly Valance, and her brother-in-law Christian. 

To say that there was no love lost between Christian and Holly would be an understatement. I don’t know the origin of that dislike, but Holly and Christian’s wife did not get on of all. In fact Holly told me at a party given by mutual friends in Ibiza in June 2012 […] that Christian had [said] about her: ‘If she sees me coming she better f****** cross over onto the other side of the road’ which Holly took to be a threat. 

At the same party, Holly told me that Christian did not approve of her relationship with Nick and later (at the same party, which was a three-day event) told me that Emily, Christian’s wife, had tried to dissuade Nick from marrying her.

A spokesman for the Candys has responded, stating that there is no evidence in the case beyond speculation and heresay.

Emma Holyoake has accepted in evidence that her statement is based on information provided to her by her husband whose claims are denied in their entirety. The statement has the sole purpose of causing reputational damage to the defendants. The defendants remain committed to having these matters decided at trial by the judge.”

The case continues.

Who is Holly Valance?

  • A former Neighbours actress who played Felicity Sully
  • Holly Valance left the show to pursue a singing career in 2002
  • She appeared in Prison Break, CSI and other TV shows
  • In 2012, Vallance married billionaire property developer Nick Candy

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