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Home alone? Do not watch the trailer for Emilia Clarke’s new thriller

Suddenly, Game of Thrones seems tame

And you thought the Mother of Dragons was scary… Emilia Clarke’s new film role has just been announced, and if you’re prone to nightmares, a word of advice: don’t watch it.

Set in a remote Tuscan castle in the 1950s, Voice From the Stone is a supernatural thriller in which a nurse, Verena (played by Clarke) is sent to care for a young boy who hasn’t uttered a word since his mother’s death.

Things start to get creepy when it appears the boy is possessed by a malevolent force contained within the castle’s stone walls. And then they get really creepy when a severed head appears dangling from Verena’s mirror…

Clarke admits even filming was a little frightening, telling USA Today, “Oh man, the castle we filmed in was scary. I don’t believe in ghosts but if there was anything to make me question that, it was shooting there at night.”

Voice From the Stone is based on an Italian novel of the same name by Silvio Raffo. It hits cinemas on April 28.

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