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Men Are Responding To The Powerful #MeToo Campaign With #HowIWillChange

"Guys, it's our turn"
Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

This week, thousands of women have shared their experiences of sexual harassment and assault with the powerful hashtag #MeToo. The campaign was initiated by actress Alyssa Millano to give the world a “sense of the magnitude of the problem” of sexual abuse against women, as seen in the multiple allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

And now, men have responded to the viral hashtag with a message of their own: #HowIWillChange.

The hashtag #HowIWillChange” was started by Sydney-based writer Benjamin Law, who tweeted on Tuesday: “Guys, it’s our turn. After yesterday’s endless #MeToo stories of women being abused, assaulted and harassed, today we say #HowIWillChange“.

Law called for men to acknowledge the things they can do to take responsibility and enact change, from questioning harassment instead of ignoring it, and donating to women’s shelters.

His tweets, whch went viral in Australia and across the world, resonated with thousands of men who pledged ways they will change.

As The Independent reports, men also responded to the #MeToo movement with the hashtag #IDidThat. You can read the countless messages here

Adding to the dialogue, executive producer Liz Plank suggested that the burden should shift from women having to share their experience, to men being held accountable. 

“How many women will it take to say #metoo before men talk about #himthough?” Plank wrote on Twitter.

“Imagine a world where the burden was on men to share their shame rather than women? #HimThough”.

She added: “Why is the burden always on women? I’m done pretending sexual assault is a woman’s issue. Your shame is not ours. No sir.

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