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How Teaching A Girl Can Change The World

More than 60 million girls globally are not in school - this Aussie charity is on a mission to change that
One Girl

Mariama lives in Sierra Leone with her grandmother. They survive by selling oranges and doughnuts, but there is barely enough money for food, let alone school fees. Despite being a promising student, Mariama was forced to drop out last year. Enter: One Girl, the Australian charity giving scholarships to girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone, where almost 50 per cent of young women are illiterate.

Its philosophy is, “When you educate a girl, she can change the world”, and Mariama is living proof: she graduated with enough credits to study human resources management at university.

“I want to become a great woman with great knowledge,” said Mariama when she was awarded the scholarship.

To celebrate International Day of the Girl Child (Oct 11), Australian muesli powerhouse Carman’s has partnered with One Girl to fund even more scholarships in Africa.

Carolyn Creswell, who began Carman’s when she was only 18, understands the importance of education. “Through education, I have had the opportunity to achieve my dream of running a successful business,” she says. “I’m one girl who wants that for all girls in the world, especially those born into poverty.”

Carman’s is matching up to $25,000 in donations for the Do It In A Dress campaign, where men and women complete challenges wearing a school dress. Going surfing? Why not do it in a dress and change a girl’s life?

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