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Indian News Anchor Announces Her Husband’s Death On Air

She only realised halfway through the story.

An Indian news anchor has found herself announcing her husband’s death on air during a news bulletin reading over the weekend.

The Times of India reports Supreet Kaur was phoned in with a breaking news update about a traffic accident, when she realised what had happened. 

She read out details of the model of the car and the part of town the accident took place in, which all but confirmed her suspicions.

Ms Kaur bravely made it through the next ten minutes of the news bulletin before she excused herself and broke down in tears. 

“Then she broke down and started calling relatives,” one of her colleagues told the Times.

She exhibited a lesson in professionalism by continuing on with her work under terrible circumstances, and has been commended for it by her co-workers.

“It would be a terribly difficult situation for anyone,” a co-worker said.

“But Supreet controlled her anxiety, remained fully composed and showed exemplary commitment to her job. We are proud of her.”

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