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Man Held Woman Captive In Cave For 15 Years

Police say he kidnapped the woman when she was 13

A village shaman in Indonesia allegedly held a woman captive in a prison-like cave for 15 years.

Police in Sulawesi have released shocking details about the case after the woman was freed from captivity.

The 83-year-old man allegedly kidnapped the woman when she 13, after her family took her to his house for treatment, reports the BBC.

The captor allegedly brainwashed her into believing she was possessed by a spirit and would take her back to his house at night to sexually abuse her.

He has been charged under sex abuse and child protection laws after police found the woman in a small space behind boulder rocks.

Images released by police show some basic furniture in the cave, which was located near the man’s house.

The man faces 15 years in prison if found guilty – the same amount of time the woman was held captive.

Relatives of the woman, now 28, searched for her for several years, before she was eventually declared missing.

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