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Jesinta and Buddy Franklin Open Up About Their Baby Plans

“We’re just waiting to see what happens."
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Jesinta and Lance “Buddy” Franklin have opened up about their baby plans in their first shoot together – for marie claire magazine, out Thursday. 

In the exclusive, Jesinta reveals that they’re “not not trying” for a baby and that Buddy will be a “beautiful” father. “We’re just waiting to see what happens. We are definitely in a position where we can have a child, so it’s up to the greater beings to see what happens. It’s not something we are vigorously planning, but it’s not something we’re trying to avoid, either.”

Today, their eyes are set firmly on the future, including a joint new partnership – each has become a “friend of Dior”, something Jesinta describes as “amazing”. The relationship began last year and has included a collaboration on the global Miss Dior campaign, “What would you do for love?” and the launch of Savauge Very Cool Spray. This year, Parfums Christian Dior has chosen to collaborate with them both again – Jesinta for Miss Dior; Buddy for the just-launched Sauvage Eau De Parfum – for its Valentine’s Day campaign.

Dior holds a special place in Jesinta’s heart because Buddy’s first gift to her was a bottle of Miss Dior perfume. ”I’ve still got the bottle at home; I kept it. Ever since then, I’ve worn it and I travel with it because it reminds me of him and that time.” 

Pick up the March issue of marie claire to see Jesinta and Buddy’s first shoot together and read more about their love story.

Jesinta and Buddy are both collaborating with Dior Parfum’s Valentine’s Day campaign for Miss Dior and Sauvage Eau De Parfum respectively.


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