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Joe Jonas Shares A Rare, Intimate Look at His Life With Sophie Turner

Cute, guys

Joe Jonas took to Instagram to share a behind-the-curtains look into his life with fiancée Sophie Turner. The DNCE singer can be spotted in the background of the photo, taking a snap of the Game of Thrones actress while she’s putting on makeup while sitting on the floor in front of a mirror. The duo, who have been engaged since October 2017, are back home in New York after the whirlwind wedding of Joe’s brother Nick to Priyanka Chopra earlier this month.

Here’s hoping that Nick and Priyanka may have inspired Sophie and Joe to take a walk down the aisle, but it may be closer than we expect. After the (now deleted) video of the boxes with their wedding date announcements came out, it’s entirely expected we’ll get word of when these two crazy kids plan to walk down the aisle…any…day…now. Not that I’m rushing them, take your time! Enjoy your engagement, you’re in no rush. (But also, I wanna see what Sophie’s wedding dress and what their French wedding location looks like, so…chop chop.)

Joe also has a pattern of taking sneak-shots of his fiancée, and this is unlikely to be the first or the last time we see some private moments of Sophie from him.

The best part of the photo is Joe’s cheeky “👀” caption on his sneaky shot of his lady-love. How cheeky, Joe! I wouldn’t have expected that from a Jonas Brother, but anything can happen in 2018. “👀” is an entire mood.

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