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Julia Stiles Is Being Hatefully Mum-Shamed For This Instagram Photo

Her response is perfect

Actress Julia Stiles only gave birth on October 20, but already she’s experiencing the joys of online mummy-shaming: and the fuss is over the positioning of her baby boy’s legs of all things.

Stiles posted an adorable picture of her newborn son Strummer Newcomb Cook on Instagram six days ago, in which she is carrying him in a Tula baby carrier. She’s tagged Tula Baby Carriers in the post, so we can only assume the brand sent her one as a gift and she felt obliged to post about it.

Cue the mummy-shamers, who took her to task for the incorrect positioning of little Strummer’s legs (heads up: apparently, they should be dangling free of the carrier).

While it appears Stiles has deleted many of the offending comments, countless other mums have come to her defence. “Since the baby is so little she is carrying perfectly normal [sic],” writes one user. “When they are that little they are supposed to have legs inside the carrier like they’re being swaddled.”

But leave it to Stiles to have the last word – the new mum shared this brilliantly chosen follow-up post:

Way to go, Julia.

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