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Justin Theroux Played Not One, But Two Different Characters In Sex And The City

Remember this?!

As we celebrate 20 years of Sex and the City on our screens, a bizarre fact about the show has resurfaced. But it has nothing to do with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte – and everything to do with Justin Theroux.

Bizarrely, Theroux played two different roles in Sex and the City – first up, he appeared as a writer friend of Stanford’s who’s just gained a spot in New York Magazine’s 30 Coolest People Under 30, who flirts with Carrie in a bar (worth a rewatch for when he says ‘groovy’ alone) in season one. 

In season two, he was back: again as a writer, this time one Vaughn Wysel, another love interest of Carrie’s. To the show’s credit, Theroux looks completely different – glasses and a receding hairline and all – but the script seems to make a subtle reference to his reappearance when Carrie reflects, “I was dating someone brand spanking new… It’s amazing how much better looking fiction writers have become.”

Watch both his scenes below:

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