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“Justine Didn’t Have To Die”

The Minneapolis Police Chief has made an official statement about the fatal shooting of Australian Justine Damond

The Minneapolis Police Chief has spoken out about the tragic death of Australian Justine Damond, who was fatally shot by a US police officer on Saturday night.

Justine was gunned down by officer Mohamed Noor in an alleyway near her Minneapolis home after she reported an incident to 911.

Police Chief Janee Harteau declared that the Mr Noor’s behavior reflected only “the actions and judgement of one individual,” ABC reports.

“Justine didn’t have to die … I believe the actions in question go against who we are as a department, how we train and the expectations we have for our officers,” Police Chief Janee Harteau said.

“On our squad cars you will find the words, ‘To protect with courage and serve with compassion’. This did not happen,” she continued.

“I want to assure Justine’s family, our community and those in Australia that I will do everything in my power to ensure due process is followed and justice is served.”

The Australian reports that Chief Harteau also recommended that the body cameras of policemen Mohamed Noor and Matthew Harrity should have been switched on when they attended Justine’s 911 call. 

Justine had training as a veterinarian and became a meditation teacher, life coach and yoga instructor, AAP notes.

Originally from Sydney, she was engaged to marry her 50-year-old partner Don Damond. 

Her heartbroken partner spoke out about her shock death, saying that both he and his son are “devastated” by their loss. 

“Our hearts are broken and we utterly devastated by the loss of Justine,” the 50 year old said in a statement outside his Minneapolis home.

Justine Damond
Justine and Don, image: Facebook

“She touched so many people with her loving and generous heart. She was a teaching to so many and living a life of openness, love and kindness,” Don continued.

“She was so kind and so darn funny. It is difficult to fathom how to go forward without her in my life.” 

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