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Karlie Kloss Has Been Forced To Respond To Pregnancy Rumours

After sharing images from her wedding to Instagram

After marrying her longtime beau, Joshua Kushner, in an intimate ceremony in upstate New York back in October, Karlie Kloss and husband decided to have a second wedding celebration over the weekend, inviting friends and family to a Cowboy-themed party at a ranch in Wyoming.

Sharing images of the weekend to Instagram, including one showing celebrity guests Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Karlie recieved thousands of comments, ranging from Reese Witherspoon’s, “LOVE this”, to fellow supermodel Gisele Bündchen writing, “So fun!”

But up there with almost as many likes as celebrities’ comments were a few fans asking whether the 26-year-old Kode with Klossy founder is pregnant.

After years of celebrities speaking out about intrusive questions surrounding their pregnancy plans, fertility or whether they are planning to have children – Margot Robbie spoke out just last year saying she was “so angry” that a “social contract” exists where people presume that just because she’s married, she is going to have children and Jennifer Aniston has been vocal numerous times about the effects constant speculation over her fertility has had on her life – women in the spotlight are still having to field questions everyday women (you’d hope) wouldn’t have commented publicly on their social media.

Instead of leaving the question, Kloss decided to respond, shutting down rumours before they could go any further. “Not pregnant just love,” she wrote alongside a french fries and heart emoji.

Next time, let’s just wait until someone confirms they’re pregnant the good old fashioned way, shall we?

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This article originally appeared on InStyle Australia

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