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People Think Karlie Kloss Is Promoting A Sex Toy And It Really Does Look A Lot Like One

The new perfume design is pretty questionable.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is usually making headlines for her runway and campaign appearances, Kode With Klossy scholarship program, vegan ‘Klossy’ cookies, or for famously being a key member of Taylor Swift’s squad. 

She is not, however, usually in the press for anything to do with sex toys. And certainly not for promoting them. 

No, Karlie hasn’t suddenly decided to reveal her Fifty Shades of Grey side to the world, she is simply the face of the new Carolina Herrera perfume ‘Good Girl’.

Which, unfortunately, is packaged to look a hell of a lot like a dildo. 

In the Instagram video by the fashion designer, Kloss is seen holding the perfume, which is actually supposed to be shaped like a women’s stiletto heel.

People went so crazy commenting on the shape of the bottle, with things such as, “That is a vibrator, not perfume,” that the post was swiftly deleted, but not before E! quickly screengrabbed the post.

Herrera actually spoke about the ‘Good Girl’ design earlier this year, saying to Refinery29“I wanted an object of feminine power. All women, every single one of us, have this duality. We’re not just one-note, or have one talent, or one personality.

I wanted to use the shape of the bottle to represent and empower women.” 

If you look at the perfume bottle itself, it doesn’t actually look that much like a sex toy.

Perhaps Herrera just needs to be a bit more careful about how it’s held in any further campaigns. 

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