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Kate Middleton Surprised London Bridge Terror Attack Victims In Hospital

Some are still in a critical condition

Kate Middleton spent Monday afternoon visiting the London Bridge terror attack victims and the heroic staff who treated them in hospital.

The Duchess of Cambridge flew under the radar for the trip, so doctors and nurses could continue treating victims without disruption. 

King’s College Hospital in south east London treated 14 victims of the attack, with seven still in a critical condition and receiving around-the-clock treatment.

Kate visited staff who were working in the emergency room at the time of the horrific event, as well as those working in the trauma ward.

14 people were admitted to the hospital on June 3rd, suffering stab wounds and injuries from being hit by the van which ploughed into pedestrians.

“What was really noticeable on Saturday night was the amount of female patients that were involved. That was quite traumatic for the staff. We are not used to so many females being injured,” head of nursing Lynne Watkins-Hulme told The Mirror.

“We are used to seeing people who are stabbed. But to have six women who were stabbed, multiple times – it was just the amount of people – that was upsetting.”

Eight people died in the attack, including two Australians.

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