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Kate Middleton Says Princess Charlotte Is Following In Princess Diana’s Footsteps

She mini-royal takes after her grandmother

Princess Charlotte has inherited Princess Diana’s love of dance, with her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, revealing yesterday that the two-year-old loves to dance.

Kate Middleton was visiting the Princess Diana garden at Kensington Palace on Wednesday to honour the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

She was joined by her husband Prince William and Prince Harry when she spoke with English National Ballet director Tamara Rojo about Charlotte’s passion.

The conversation started when Prince Harry asked their guests to tell him a story about his mum. 

Rojo replied, telling the princes that many popular productions were only staged because of the fundraising Princess Diana had done in her lifetime.

“We’ve got plenty of pictures,” William replied, according to The Daily Mail.


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“I remember her showing me ballet shoes she had been given [by ENB] and she was so proud of them. She loved dancing, she was a fantastic dancer.”

“We’ve been going through her music collection recently and there’s some quite eclectic stuff in there. She was elated by the skill,” he continued.

The Duchess said that Princess Charlotte is now learning to dance, adding: “She absolutely loves it.”

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Yesterday, Prince William and Prince Harry paid tribute to their beloved mother by placing flowers at the front gates of Kensington Palace, Diana’s former home. 

In the lead up to the anniversary, the princes have been speaking candidly about the grief they felt over losing their mum.

“[I] refused to accept it. There was no sudden outpour of grief. I don’t think anybody in that position at that age would be able to understand the concept of what that actually means, going forward,” Prince William recalled in BC1’s new documentary, Diana, 7 Days.

“I remember feeling completely numb, disoriented, dizzy – and you feel very very confused,” he continued. “And you keep asking yourself, ‘Why me?’ the whole time. ‘Why? What have I done, why has this happened to us?’”

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