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Kate Moss And Her 16-Year-OId Daughter Looked Like Twins At Marc Jacobs’ Wedding

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Kate Moss has passed down her supermodel genes to 16-year-old daughter Lila, with the two sharing a twinning moment at Marc Jacobs’ wedding over the weekend. 

At the star-studded event, the 45-year-old supermodel wore a vintage gown by Janice Wainwright with velvet embellishments at the shoulders and wrists. She pulled her long blonde hair up into an elegant topknot, leaving her statement chandelier earrings exposed.

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Lila is following in her mum’s modelling footsteps already, as she landed her first gig as the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty in 2018.

Kate has some hesitations about her daughter’s future as a model. “For Lila and her friends, it’s hard because it’s all there on the phone, the Kardashian factor, it’s in their face much more than it was for us,” she previously told Harper’s Bazaar, pointing out that it’s not the same as her generation. “It’s instant inspiration but also instant judgment. But she has seen me, and I’m not obsessed with myself, so hopefully that will rub off.” 

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