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Katherine Heigl opens up about pregnancy: “I prefer the adoption way”

The star’s incredibly candid interview

After giving birth to baby Joshua Bishop on December 20, Katherine Heigl has not only revealed the first photos of her third child, but spoken honestly and openly about her experiences with pregnancy and adoption.

She and husband Josh Kelley have two adopted daughters, four-year-old Adelaide and eight-year-old Naleigh, and their pregnancy with Joshua was a beautiful surprise.

Speaking to People as part of Joshua’s debut photo shoot, Heigl was open about the “emotional highs and lows” of having a newborn.

“One minute you’re weirdly obsessed with this baby, like ‘don’t take him out of my sight,’ and the next you’re kind of blue, you’re a little sad and a little freaked out,” she says.

“I actually prefer the adoption way because I wasn’t subject to hormones.”

Heigl goes on to explain that she loves all three of her children the same way, adopted or not. “The moment you hold your child, you’re wholly in love,” she says.

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