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Kyle Sandilands Reveals Why Sophie Monk And Stu Laundy Split

"He would vanish for days at a time"

Over the weekend, Sophie Monk announced she had split with her boyfriend of six months, Stu Laundy.

The former Bachelorette didn’t go into much detail about the reasoning behind the pair going their separate ways, other than saying, “we are just very different people. 

Sophie’s longtime friend Kyle Sandilands went into further detail about the relationship on the Kyle and Jackie O show, claiming the 45-year-old publican would “vanish for days at a time.”

“I was talking to her [Sophie] before Christmas and I knew, you knew it was tough… they weren’t getting on that great,” Kyle explained. 

“She told me she’s given it a red hot crack, he’s a nice guy. But she did like the guy, she was telling me ‘look I like him but he vanishes for a couple of days at a time.”

Kyle noted: “I know what [men] are doing when they vanish for a couple of days at a time – getting away from you…”

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