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Kylie Jenner Was Just Spotted Holding Hands With Someone Who Isn’t Tyga

She's now dating another famous rapper.

Kylie Jenner and her on-off beau Tyga are officially over. Well, according to these photos that show the reality TV star holding hands with another guy, anyway. 

Spotted last night at Coachella’s second weekend: Kylie getting cosy with rapper Travis Scott.

The 19-year-old posted a few photos of the pair on her Instagram, but it wasn’t until a fan snapped a photo of them holding hands that the newfound romance went from being just a rumour to looking pretty darn official.

ICYMI, Tyga and Kylie stopped appearing on each other’s social media feeds a few weeks ago (the definition of a confirmed breakup for this phone obsessed generation). 

Tyga was at Coachella weekend one – as was Kylie – but the pair successfully avoided each other, hitting separate parties.  

Now to wait for the official Insta’ couple ‘gram.

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