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Did Lady Gaga Just Reveal The Name Of Her New Single In This Halloween Photo?

Fans are speculating

Lady Gaga is weird and we love her for it. We can’t claim to understand what everything she posts on social media is about – case in point: her recent tweet, “my only hobbies are music and art but they’re not hobbies” – but we do love trawling her feeds for her random outbursts and cryptic clues.

Her latest series of Halloween pumpkin photos on her Instagram posts are the latest to leave us scratching our heads. 

The first photo was of a pumpkin with the words ‘F*CK THIS’ written across it, with a knife stabbed into the top.

The second was of three pumpkins side by side in her house: the knifed one sat in between a masterly carved pumpkin with a face, and a traditional jack-o’lantern-looking pumpkin with a mini pumpkin smoking a cigarette placed in its mouth.

The third snap was of a pumpkin painted white with the word ‘GHOSTED’ partially carved into it, along with some red-painted pumpkin flesh oozing out of the ‘O’.

It was all very random and dark.

One photo in particular has sparked rumours that Lady Gaga just revealed the name of a new song. 

Perhaps reading more into it just because they’re desperate for any kind of confirmation that Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated LG6 album is on its way, stans dissected the photos for clues…and they think they found one!

Beside the ‘F*CK YOU’ pumpkin, you can see Gaga’s iPod Touch screen with a song playing. Fans reckon the song title reads ‘Stupid Love’, and have surmised that it must be the name of one of her songs. 

Others believe the clue is less discreet, claiming ‘F*ck This’ is the name of an upcoming single.

Other followers were more interested in who the mysterious guy was in the background, asking Gaga, “Who that boy though”?

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