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Lara Worthington Finally Reveals Her Youngest Son’s Name

And it’s seriously unique

Lara and Sam Worthington have managed to keep their youngest son’s name under wraps for five whole months.

But now the Aussie model has finally revealed the little one’s moniker, which according to Fairfax, is… Racer.

The fiercely private couple welcomed little Racer back in September in their adopted home town of New York.

Speaking to marie claire just before giving birth, Lara said: “I’m excited about giving Rocket a sibling. Sam has a sister and I have a brother, so creating that same sense of family is special and I know they’ll have lots of fun together, especially being so close in age.” 

Lara also praised her Hollywood star husband, 40, for his “hands-on” parenting style, calling him an “amazing dad”. “Sam and I will share the routines with our newborn so that Rocket still gets one-on-one time with both of us. We’re a little team,” she reveals to the magazine. “Sam has a really strong bond with Rocket; they’re like two peas in a pod.”       

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