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Leigh Sales Has Split From Her Husband After 20 Years Together

Very sad news for the 7:30 host.

Leigh Sales and her husband of 20 years, Phil Willis have reportedly split.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that the ABC presenter and Willis split over Christmas last year. 

The couple have two young sons together, and Sales had an extremely traumatic birth with her youngest son after suffering a uterine rupture in 2014. 

She described being in agony after the birth, and only being able to hold her son days later because of the pain.

She said that the year following that experience was ‘the worst year of her life’.

“For me to be thrown into a circumstance where I had absolutely no control and was then at the other end of it incapable of looking after myself, incapable of looking after my three-year-old and after a newborn baby — it was very, very confronting and hard for me to take,” she said.

Sales and Willis are yet to comment on the split publicly.

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