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Lily Allen Reveals Shocking Underage Sex Claim In Her New Tell-All Book

And says when her father found out, he joked about it with his friends

Even though she’s just 33 years old, outspoken British singer Lily Allen, seems to have experienced or seen more than most people would live through in ten lifetimes, including a shocking underage sex revelation in her new tell-all book, My Thoughts Exactly.

According to, in the memoir Allen claims when she was just 14 years old she had sex with a famous friend of her father’s, Keith Allen, who as an actor, television presenter and musician himself, moves in pretty A-list circles.

Per the article, the Hard Out Here singer details in the book how after her Dad’s famous friend, who she claims is a well-known TV star, played a charity game of football he left his football kit in her Dad’s car and she was “dispatched to his hotel to return it.” The singer says she arranged to meet him at the hotel bar.

“He bought me a couple of drinks,” Allen writes in the memoir. “Then took me up to his room and had sex with me. I was 14. He was 19, but to me he seemed like someone from a different generation. Afterwards, I felt funny about it. I knew what had happened wasn’t right.”

According to, Allen didn’t want to tell her Dad about it but he found out and instead of protecting her, she claims he “turned into a schtick with his friends.” Adding, “I just know that my dad turned me having sex with this guy I hardly knew into a joke between him and his mates. That didn’t make me feel good.”

Allen’s underage sex claim isn’t the only shocking reveal in the book, with reporting the tell-all is stacked with wild stories including how Allen “paid for sex with women during the breakdown of her marriage to Sam Cooper because she wanted ‘sexual gratification’.”

And while the tabloids are loving every explosive detail of Allen’s memoir, not everyone is best pleased, The Sun reports the mum-of-two said she received a “cross text” message from her dad, Keith Allen, over the book, not only in reference to the underage sex story but also over her claim that her actor dad had a “cocaine-induced heart attack at Glastonbury” when she was 13 years old.

According to The Sun, Allen says her dad texted her that his illness at Glastonbury was not a cocaine-induced heart attack but rather “acute food poisoning.”

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