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Londoners Unite Against Terrorism Following Horror London Attack


Four people have been killed and 20 people injured in a deliberate attack in London overnight.

A car travelling across Westminster Bridge drove into a crowd of people before smashing into the gates of Parliament. The attacker then got out of the vehicle before stabbing a police officer with a knife, before he was shot dead.

Scotland Yard is treating the incident as a terror attack.

Police have revealed that there have been “a number of casualties” with much of London now in lock-down, and the terror-alert level raised to the highest level. 

Ambulances treated over 20 people on Westminster Bridge, with another woman being pulled alive from the River Thames after being hit by the car on the bridge.

Those killed include a police officer and the attacker, a woman and another person were both killed when struck by the car on the bridge. 

Police are now investigating the incident and trying are trying to determine the motivation behind the attack.

Following the attack a message of unity has emerged online with #WeAreNotAfraid going viral.

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