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ATTENTION: ‘Love Island’ Is Coming To Australia

This is not a drill

Less than two weeks after the exciting news of Bachelor in Paradise coming to Australia, Channel Nine has revealed that popular UK reality show Love Island will also hit our screens in 2018.

So what exactly is Love Island? Often described as The Bachelor-meets-Big Brother, the aim of the show is to throw a bunch of single people on an island and test them to see if they’re there for love or for money.

Like the Bachie intruders, Love Island drops new contestants in as the weeks go by, with viewers (that’s right – you over there) getting to vote on who’s sent home. 

The final couple standing takes home a cash prize, but – just to really mix things up – right at the end, one half of the couple is given the option to keep the prize to themselves, or to split it with their soulmate. 

Australia’s version will take place on an island in Spain with applications open now.

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