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Lynette Dawson’s Remains Not Found

One of Australia's greatest mysteries remains unsolved.

New South Wales Police have not found Lyn Dawson’s body or any items of interest at her former home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

NSW Police have announced the conclusion of their search at the Bayview property that Lyn shared with her husband Chris Dawson before she went missing in 1982. 

Lyn Dawson’s disappearance and suspected murder have been the subject of the widely popular investigative podcast series The Teacher’s Pet. 

NSW Police began their operation at Gilwinga Drive on Wednesday, September 12th determined to find answers for the Lyn Dawson’s family. Police investigators even began to hand dig on the property in order to find any missing evidence that may solve the cold case.

Lyn Dawson went missing in 1982, leaving behind her home and two infant daughters. Her husband Chris Dawson didn’t report Lyn’s disappearance for six weeks and moved his 16-year-old lover and student into to the Bayview home just two-days after Lyn dissapeared. 

Two coronial inquests found Lyn Dawson to be killed by persons known, and her husband Chris Dawson has remained a suspect in her murder despite maintaining his innocence. 

Although no remains were found in the latest dig, an earlier investigation on the property uncovered a pink cardigan that was identified as Lyn’s and was found to have cut marks consistent with stab marks. 

While the case remains unsolved, Det Supt Scott Cook said he had “absolute” confidence police could lay charges against Mr Dawson despite not finding remains.

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