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Man Jailed Indefinitely For Filming Sex Acts With Partner And Her Son

The man was jailed for 16 years in 2001 and will remain behind bars

A Queensland man jailed for forcing his de facto wife to perform sexual acts on her nine-year-old son, who he also sexually abused, will remain behind bars indefinitely. 

The man, who cannot be named, was jailed for 16 years in 2001 for making his partner commit indecent acts on the young boy, filming it with the aim of setting up a pornography business, and brutally beating her.

His actions, described as “depraved and despicable,” also included forcing his partner into group sex and threatening her with a garden fork if he was dissatisfied with her performance, reports the Brisbane Times.

The attacks left the woman with brain damage, face fractures and a badly damaged ear, which needed plastic surgery.

The man, who was convicted of indecently dealing with and maintaining a sexual relationship with a child as well as assault occasioning bodily harm, was due to be released in June 2015, having served two years before his sentencing. 

However, Supreme Court of Queensland judge Philip McMurdo concluded the prisoner would continue to be a danger to the public and there would be an unacceptable risk he would re-offend if he were released, reports the Daily Mail.

“The respondent’s offending behavior, his antisocial personality, the possibility that there is in his case an element of sadism or paedophilia, his denial of his sexual offending and the fact that he has not engaged in necessary treatment programs together combine to present that unacceptable risk,” Supreme Court Justice McCurdo said.

The man has continued to deny the sexual offences, ruling him unsuitable for a sexual offender rehabilitation program.

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