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Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine Announces Pregnancy In Emotional Blog Post

And details her two-year struggle with fertility

Man Repeller founder Leandra Medine has announced she is expecting twins in a candid and powerful personal essay.

Now 22 weeks pregnant, Medine reflects on the tumultuous two years it took her to get here, opening up about a miscarriage, several rounds of IVF and all the ways she tried to boost her fertility, from diets to hypnosis to acupuncture.

“What would be my final tango with hormone therapy reached its own culmination and by the 4th of July, my  reproductive endocrinologist confirmed that I was pregnant with twins,” she writes.“I spent the rest of the summer hurled over toilet seats or public garbage cans or with my head inside the plastic bags I would carry around as I navigated a hot and very smelly New York City, anticipating the 12-week scan where everything unraveled last time.”

“Then we got through the scan, until the next scan came, and the one after that; and I’m 22 weeks pregnant now and I can’t believe that all the energy I spent trying to run my company and my marriage and my life into the ground was a byproduct of how desperate I am to become a mother.”

Medine has since opened up to The Tot about her experience. “Biggest positive: it has been a TRIP to get here — a couple failed IVF attempts, a natural pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage and so much hormone therapy but I think all of that has made me appreciate every element of pregnancy that I have experienced thus far. It’s hard to talk about the challenges because I’m so damn grateful to be here that I don’t care how difficult or uncomfortable it gets, as along as the result is a healthy pair of babies, I am satisfied.”

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