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Margot Robbie Once Found A Dismembered Foot On The Beach

Yes, really

Margot Robbie has revealed more than a few strange things this year – from finding her mum wrapped in a python to tattooing people at parties – the Australian actress is full of surprises. But her latest revelation is definitely the weirdest. 

Speaking as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s inaugural live roundtable, Robbie revealed that she once found a severed foot on a Nicaraguan beach.

“I recently did a film, and the director asked if everyone could write down the craziest thing that has happened to them in their lives,” Robbie told Bryan Cranston, Octavia Spencer, Diane Kruger, Robert Pattinson, and Armie Hammer.

“I had spent two months with this group of people, probably about 60 people, and everyone seems super normal. And then everyone had to write down the craziest thing that happened to them, and it was released on the last day, and you had to guess whose story matched up with who,” she continued.

“It just reminded me that fascinating people are everywhere. Everywhere. Someone had been engaged to the princess of Zanzibar. Someone else had been in a plane crash where only 10 people survived. It just reminds you there are fascinating stories everywhere. Everyone has a story.”

And Margot’s story? “I once found — and no one guessed that this was me — I found a human foot on the beach in Nicaragua.”

“Oh, wow, death!” Spencer responded. Kruger asked if she found “just the bones?” and the boys joked about the foot being used as a doorstop and just “a little souvenir.”

Margot didn’t explain what she did when she found the foot, but with her I, Tonya press tour in full swing, we’re hoping she’ll be prompted to divulge further info soon. 

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