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MAFS: Davina Breaks Her Silence Following Her On-Air Split From Ryan

"I’ve been horrible"

Married At First Sight’s third commitment ceremony on Sunday night saw Davina Rankin and Ryan Gallagher officially leave the experiment after the cheating infamous cheating scandal.

Now, the 26-year-old bikini model has spoken out about her relationship with Ryan, and her toxic relationship past.

“I’m horrible at relationships,” she told TheFIX. “I’ve been horrible at this whole thing.”

Before appearing on MAFS, Davina says she has been single for four years.

(Credit: Channel 9)

“Before that, I had a toxic relationship, and that was the first time that’s happened to me,” she says.

“It woke me up and made me realise that I don’t have to put up with s***, and I do have the right to be picky, and I do have to realise my self-worth.”

She continued, “It was horrible. “He was verbally and emotionally abusive… I was in a dark place too, trying to figure out why I loved this person so much, but they were horrible to me. But they were telling me they loved me so much.”

Davina said that it was that toxic relationship which made her the “strong” person she is today.

“So that’s why I seem like a very headstrong kind of person because it has taken me 4 years to realise I have the choice to be picky and I can be picky because I am worth a lot more.”

This article originally appeared on WHO. 

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