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‘Bachelor’ Contestants Left Shocked As Matty J Admits He’s Made A “Tough Decision”

"What the hell is going on?"

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor looks like it’s going to be a *very* emotional ride, with Matty J shocking the contestants by abruptly stopping the Rose Ceremony.

The 30-second preview clip begins by saying: “All Matty wants is to fall in love but this is the episode that will push him over the edge,” before cutting to show Matty and a blonde contestant hand-in-hand on a single date.

Though the woman’s face isn’t shown, we’re guessing it’s Tara Pavlovic, Simone Ormesher, Leah Costa or Elise Stacy.

The clip then cuts to Matty telling an unidentified woman that he has “had to make a very difficult decision.”

As Matty walks into the Rose Ceremony, Simone notes: “Matty doesn’t look like his normal self,” with another girl saying, “he’s taking a quite some time between the last rose and this rose.”

The Bachelor is then seen taking a deep breath, before placing the rose back down. 

The camera then captures the reactions from the ladies, showing Leah with tears in her eyes, Simone looking at the ceiling, and Tara with her mouth open in shock.

The trailer comes to an end with a woman saying: “What the hell is going on?”

Thankfully, all will be revealed on tonight’s episode! 

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