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There’s A ‘Mistake’ On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding Invites

We wonder what the Queen will say
prince harry meghan markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding invitations have officially gone out (BRB, running to the mailbox), and while they’re as chic as you’d expect, people were quick to note there’s a pretty important word missing.

The invitation reads: ‘His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, K.G., K.T. requests the pleasure of the company of [insert my name here] at the Marriage of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales with Ms Meghan Markle.”

As you’re probably now aware, Henry is Prince Harry’s real name, which is used above, however, his bride-to-be’s real name, Rachel, wasn’t included, despite the Queen using it when giving the pair her consent to marry.

In Her Royal Highness’ statement she wrote, “I declare My Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between My Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle.”

So why now is the palace referring to Rachel as Meghan?

prince harry meghan markle

“Even though it’s an official occasion, they’ve obviously decided that she’s known to as everybody as Meghan Markle and issued the invitations under that name,” Grant Harrold, a British etiquette expert told

However, despite the Duchess of Cambridge being referred to worldwide as Kate Middleton, rather than her real name of Catherine, her 2011 wedding invitation with Prince William used her full name. 

kate middleton wedding invites prince william

Perhaps this is just one more way Harry’s American bride is defying royal protocol

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