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Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Basically Just Confirmed Her Engagement To Prince Harry

Further proof a royal wedding is on the way

Following on from reports that Meghan Markle has quit her job on Suits to move to London (and has also met the Queen), Markle’s half-sister has added fuel to the royal engagement fire by speaking as though the actress and Prince Harry are already engaged. 

While a guest on Good Morning Britain via Skype from her home in Florida, Samantha Markle, who hasn’t spoken to Meghan in almost a decade, confirmed she’s writing a book titled, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

However, despite the book’s name, the 52-year-old denied it is a  “slamming tell-all”, as the press has been reporting, and is “only a tell-all in that I recant beautiful nuances of our lives, our family home.”

meghan markle
(Credit: ITV)

But the part that got us listening? When Samantha started speaking as though Meghan and Prince Harry were already engaged – or, at the very least, that a royal engagement is imminent.

“I think she will absolutely be a compliment to her role, and I think the British people and the world will be surprised,” she said. Notice the use of the word ‘will’ rather than ‘would.’

“There’s so much the public doesn’t know. [They’ll be surprised] by how graceful and how lovely she is,” she continued.

“I think that together, she and Prince Harry can bring so much to their role in global outreach, as a part of the royal family and in their humanitarian efforts.”

“I think the world will be surprised and I think whether it is independently or together, they’re both such incredible people with vast bodies of life experience.”

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