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Meghan Markle Was Just Asked If She’s Watched The New Season Of ‘Suits’


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently visited Loughborough University to attend the Coach Core awards, where Meghan Markle chatted all about her solo charity work and, according to reports, was asked about the newest season of Suits

The show, which was Markle’s main claim to fame until she left to marry Prince Harry and become the Duchess of Sussex, is now in its eighth season.

As reported by People, the newly-appointed Princess chatted to twins Luke and Elliott Rainbird at the event, who asked her the most important question of all: had she seen the newest season of Suits yet!?

Markle’s response?

A blunt ‘no’ before she turned the conversation back to the meaning behind her visit, Coach Core. 

After her exit on the show with on-screen husband Patrick J. Adams, Markle made it clear that she left on positive terms with the cast and crew, to move onto her life as a royal.

The Suits creators announced a new character to fill the gap left by Markle’s character, played by Katherine Heigl, who plays new fierce attorney to the law firm, Samantha Wheeler.

I guess that means there won’t be any guest appearances from the new princess on the show anytime soon.

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