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The White House Confirms When Melania And Barron Trump Are Moving In

Washington beckons

A White House official has confirmed that First Lady Melania Trump and her 11-year-old son, Barron, will join the President at the White House in a matter of weeks, following the end of the school year.

Despite rumours that the First Lady and Barron would remain at Trump Tower in New York City permanently, a White House official has shared details of the upcoming move with Fox News.

Melania and Donald Trump have lived apart since his January 20 inauguration, but the First Lady is said to have taken “an active part in arranging the residence ahead of the move” according to a White House senior aide, the New York Post reports.

While most people would consider the White House an upgrade, the Trump family are downsizing – at Trump Tower, Barron is said to have an entire floor to himself.

Barron is currently attending Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan.

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