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The Shocking Secrets Of Melania And Donald Trump’s Marriage

Apparently, the First Lady is close to breaking point.

For the past few weeks, the White House has been on high alert for an article to surface focusing on the truth behind Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s marriage. 

The Vanity Fair profile – which was released overnight – about America’s new First Lady begins with an overview of Melania’s childhood and modelling career, before introducing Donald in 1998. 

Among other things, the piece says Trump is almost at breaking point in her marriage, has no plans to move into the White House, that her husband tells her what to say, her relationship with Ivanka is icy, and that Donald only agreed to have a child if Melania promised to get her body back. 

Unfortunately, the last point really isn’t as surprising as it should be. 

On her husband’s new role as First Lady of the United States, an insider revealed, “She never wanted this, and never had any interest.”

Another notes that this utter disinterest is one of the reasons Melania’s relationship with Trump’s daughter Ivanka is less than ideal. Two industry insiders note they have “observed a frostiness between the two”.

Furthermore, parents at Melania’s son Barron’s school – Columbia Prep in New York City – say that in the days before the election, Melania looked “thin, tired, and sad,” with others reporting her as being “terrified” of Trump’s quest for office because “he might win.”

The article also directly quotes Michael D’Antonio, author of The Truth About Trump. D’Antonio recalls interviewing Melania and this exchange between the couple: “He begged her to praise him [to me] as a husband… Literally, he said, ‘Tell him I’m a really good husband.’’ She looked at him, and he repeated himself. And she said, ‘Yeah, he’s a really good husband.’ It was being dragged out of her.” 

Another point Vanity Fair‘s Evgenia Peretz notes is that while Melania says she’s just staying in New York so that Barron, 11, can finish out the school year before they move into the White House, none of the private schools in Washington D.C. that Barron would be likely to attend have been contacted about enrolling him next year.

All sources say Melania is a good mother to her son, but one notes she was only given the go-ahead to get pregnant if she promised “everything would go back the way it was” physically. 

“Woefully pliant as Melania may be, even she may have a breaking point,” Peretz wrote for the piece. “Over the course of reporting this story, for which her close friends declined to talk, an uneasy picture has emerged of their marital union. Melania’s unhappiness and the couple’s apparent lack of closeness are becoming more noticeable.”

Cue the #FreeMelania tweets.

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