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Melania Trump Posts First Selfie Since Becoming First Lady

Read into this what you will

Stop what you’re doing: Melania Trump has finally posted a selfie – her first since becoming America’s First Lady.

The FLOTUS shared the holiday-themed snap on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts, suggesting she was mighty proud of it (although next time, Melania, you might want to go easy on the filters. The photo’s blurriness is a dead giveaway). Behold:

And again, on Instagram:

She captioned her post with a simple, ‘Merry Christmas’, complete with festive emojis.

The good people of the internet have voiced concerns over Melania’s wellbeing ever since her husband came into office (she’s known as ‘America’s First Victim’ in some circles), so we wait with bated breath to see what they make of this. 

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