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Girl Miraculously Found Alive In School Rubble After Mexico Earthquake

The frantic rescue mission continues

As the death toll of the devastating Mexico earthquake continues to rise, the discovery of a girl in the rubble of her school has become a symbol of hope for many. 

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck on Tuesday, killing at least 230 people.

Crews in Mexico City are racing to rescue 12-year-old Frida Sofia who is trapped in the rubble of Colegio Enrique Rebsamen elementary school.

As ABC News reports, workers have made contact with Sofia and have given her with water and oxygen.

Currently trapped under a granite table or desk, the student told workers that she can feel two others with her—but cannot tell if they are alive.

According to CNN, a crowd has gathered at a barrier outside of the school, desperately waiting for news about the young girl. 

Colegio Enrique Rebsamen is one of 16 schools in Mexico City affected by the earthquake. 21 children and four adults have been confirmed dead after part of the school folded in on itself and collapsed. 

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