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Mila And Ashton Reveal Controversial Parenting Decision

Suddenly, we are so glad we’re not their children

In many ways, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher make the perfect couple: when Kunis isn’t renovating her parents’ home and Kutcher isn’t working to take down child sex trafficking, the high-profile pair are intent on raising down-to-earth, hard-working and compassionate children.

But we can’t help feeling just a touch sorry for three-year-old Wyatt and one-year-old Dimitri after learning of the family’s Christmas plans. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Kunis revealed that they’ll be having a present-free Christmas this year.

“We’re instituting [no presents] this year because when the kids are one, it doesn’t really matter,” the actress explains. “Last year when we celebrated Christmas, Wyatt was two, and it was too much. We didn’t give her anything – it was the grandparents.”

“The kid no longer appreciates the one gift. They don’t even know what they’re expecting; they’re just expecting stuff.”

Kunis continues: “We’ve told our parents, ‘we’re begging you – if you have to give her something, pick one gift. Otherwise, we’d like to take a charitable donation to the children’s hospital or a pet [or] whatever you want.”

Kunis then recalls her own childhood Christmases, spent in “communist Russia, where you’re not allowed to be happy.”

“Coming to America is when you realise Christmas has a magical quality to it,” she says.

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