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Missing Queensland Girl Found After Four Years

Layla Leisha disappeared in 2014.

A missing Queensland child has been found after an intensive four-year police investigation.

Layla Leisha, now 11, disappeared in 2014 after her father Shahrainier Eric Shem Leisha allegedly failed to return her after a weekend access visit.

On Sunday, Australian Federal Police officers found Layla at an undisclosed location. She was reportedly spotted in Rockhampton two weeks ago.

The Family Court issued a recovery order in June 2014 for Layla and released details about the child asking for public assistance, reports the Brisbane Times.

The AFP released a statement saying, “The AFP would like to thank the public and media for their continued interest and support in the matter.”

The AFP haven’t commented on Layla’s condition, but child recovery expert Col Chapman, who had been working to find Layla since last month, told The Morning Bulletin, “She’s not going to school and can barely read or write – there are real concerns for her safety and welfare.”

According to Layla’s father claimed she was being groomed as part of a sanctioned paedophile ring, involving police, the Freemasons and various lawyers.

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