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This Is Now The Most Popular Engagement Ring On Pinterest

ATTN: Boyfriends everywhere

The most popular engagement ring on Pinterest has now changed from last year’s spectacular Venetian ring, which is estimated to have cost $10,500.

The new winner of women’s hearts everywhere is a unique solitaire ring, which was designed specifically for Pinterest user Sylvia Billone.


Sharing details of the Art Deco-inspired ring, which has a whopping 103,900 saves on the site, Sylvia revealed, “The solitaire ring is 1.22 karats with a two-millimeter-width rose gold band.”

While she didn’t reveal the exact price of the ring, Sylvia did explain that she had it custom-made after garnering inspiration from other images she spotted on Pinterest.

For those looking to recreate the design, she says she requested “millgrain around the smaller diamonds only and plumped for a rose gold band.”  

A Tiffany & Co. ‘Setting’ ring in a similar design

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