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Mother of Kyhesha-Lee Joughin Breaks Her Silence Of Daughter’s Horrific Death

'No one helped her. It’s disgusting'

Warning: Graphic content

The mother of Kyhesha-Lee Joughin, who died after suffering horrific abuse, has spoken for the first time about her daughter’s death.

Three-year-old Kyhesha-Lee Joughin passed away in March 2013 from internal injuries, reportedly from a perforated bowel after suffering physical and sexual abuse.

During the trial, Danielle Joughin, listened while the alleged abuse her daughter suffered was detailed as well as allegations Williamson kept a sexually explicit photo of himself with his in the home, reports the Courier Mail.

“It’s hard to comprehend really,” Joughin said yesterday after leaving the court in tears.

“No one helped her. It’s disgusting.”

Her father, Matthew Williamson, has denied hurting her or sexually abusing her, but has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. 

Ms Joughin reportedly hadn’t seen Kyhesha for about six months before her death, the court heard, saying that she and Williamson never had a formal custody arrangement for their kids.

She told the court that Williamson had refused to return Kyhesha-Lee after a visit.

However reports that Christopher Kent, the housemate of Kyhesha’s father Matthew Williamson has come forward with detailed evidence of the abuse Williamson put her through.

“He’d smack her and slap her,” Kent said.

“It was like two adults fighting, it was just mean and horrible, it was nasty.”

Kent also told the story of trying to revive Kyhesha, who had blue lips, and trying to get Williamson’s help.

“He didn’t give a s***,” Kent said. “He just wanted his coffee and smoke.”

Kent also told the court that Williamson would tie Kyhesha up with a rope to her bed and leave her in her room all day. She wouldn’t be able to use the toilet, so she would throw faeces at the wall.

ABC News reports that the moment Matthew Williamson found Kyhesha dead in his living room, he asked Kent to get rid of his bong first.

“I started to dial and before I pressed call, that’s when he said he was leaving so I said, ‘If you’re going anywhere, can you get rid of this [bong] with you’,” Williamson said.

“Then I gave that to him and I proceeded to call triple-0.”

The case has been adjourned until March 16 after his defence barrister requested a report into whether Williamson’s “psychological abnormality” contributed to his conduct.

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