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Canberra Mother-Of-Two Dies From Influenza Complications

Despite being vaccinated

Another Australian has tragically lost their life in what is being called Australia’s worst flu season in a decade.

Mother-of-two Jennifer Thew has died from acute respiratory distress syndrome on the weekend after contracting influenza—despite being vaccinated.

As The Daily Telegraph reports, the Canberra based mother had been suffering from flu symptoms for a week. Jennifer’s 7-year-old daughter was also reportedly sick with the fly. 

“[Jennifer] always went above and beyond for those around her,” a source told the publication.

A GoFundMe page has been launched by the dance school Jennifer’s daughter attended to raise funds for the family. You can donate here.

“Estella Thew is one of our beautiful students in Primary,” the page reads. “Her mother Jen, was a cherished member of the GDANCE community and recently passed away unexpectedly due to complications from influenza.”

As 9 News reports, more than 137,000 cases of influenza were reported in Australia by September, while 95 people have died from the virus this year. 

Medical professionals have urged Australians to ensure they are vaccinated to prevent further spread of the flu.

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