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Mother’s Heartbreaking Plea For Daughter To Be Allowed To Die

"This little girl is never ever going to get better"

What do you do when your 10-year-old daughter has spent her entire life in pain? When you know she is never going to improve? When she can’t see, can’t move, or speak?

Would you want her to continue living?

Those are the questions British mother Juliet Flower wants people to ask themselves. Her daughter Rose suffers from a rare genetic condition and in an exclusive video for BBC, Juliet says she wants Rose to be allowed to die.

“Some things aren’t fixable,” the heartbroken mother says. 

“We love her. This is about her health conditions and her day to day quality of life, not her disabilities.”

right to die
10-year-old Rose. Image: BBC

While Euthanasia is currently illegal in Australia, a draft bill allowing terminally ill patients to request assistance from a medical practitioner to end their life is currently being considered in NSW.

“The overwhelming majority of Australians and people who live in NSW want some action on this subject,” Nationals MP Trevor Khan told the ABC.

NSW mother-of-four, Anne Gabrielides, who has Motor Neurone Disease is one of the main campaigners for the change, saying on Facebook that the thing she fears most is “the prospect of suffering a horrible death.”

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